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Ketone Addict was started in 2017, initially to be a exogenous ketone brand, but after three years of testing these ketones, Alex Williams decided to turn it into a keto blog. Not that exogenous ketones aren't very useful in some situations, but Alex noticed that most people approach the ketogenic diet for fat loss purposes. A purpose that exogenous, also known as therapeutic, ketones do not really help with. 

Alex's introduction to the ketogenic diet was in 2013 when he heard of Vince Gironda's 'Steak & Eggs' diet. Over the course of 30 days Alex lost 28LBS (images below). This was an astonishing realization for him, since everyone else he'd ever listen to said you needed 90 days to transform your body. Since then, Alex has tried many other diets and workout routines to see what works best for him. These posts are his experiences.

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