• Alex Williams

My First Experience with the Ketogenic Diet

It was summer of 2013. I had just graduated from Chico State in Northern California and I was 212LBS. For my 5' 11" frame I was overweight. At this point I was involved in a supplement- based network marketing company that promoted healthy weight loss meals and supplements. However, my weight loss on this product had stalled.

I was not drinking. I was not eating unhealthy. I was following the conventional guidelines to lose weight - a calorie restricted low fat diet. I would have one shake with a whopping 9 grams of soy protein isolate (most likely GMO) for breakfast follow up with split-sets at the gym and back home to chug down another whopping 9 grams of soy protein to help fuel my fat loss!

I followed the company guidelines but for my body this was not enough. Research began.

I stumbled upon the Steak and Eggs diet popularized by Celebrity fitness trainer Vince Gironda and I was hooked. The next day I went to Costco, filled up on ground beef, fatty beef, and eggs and I was off! Over the next 30 days I lost 28LBS!


This astonished myself and my parents (who I was living with at the time). But it also pissed me off. As I was a victim of the BS conventional wisdom that 1LB a week was only possible. That saturated fat would clog my arteries. That whole grain bread and brown rice were good for me. It pissed me off.

I went from eating 6 small meals a day and never feeling satisfied to eating one or two large meals a day and always feeling satisfied. My cravings went away. My boredom went away. My brain fog went away. I felt good.

I told a few friends to try a modified version of it where they could still eat junk and drink on the weekends - and they began losing weight. I could not believe the main stream media or main stream health guru's did not know this information! So I began to dig more into the topic and realized that there was little money in the ketogenic space at the time (2013).

Today, in 2020, it seems everyone (except Jillian Michaels) is on board with keto. What could be their reasoning for switching? Why wouldn't they accept clinical studies back then? Why now?

Take your guess. My guess is natural trends and some suppression of the truth. But who knows and honestly, at this point, who cares! Keto is thriving and even Carnivore is now a topic.

Lets see where the future takes us!

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